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September 11, 2006



Your creations are so gorgeous Jen.
And that chocolatey concoction looks like heaven.
Gonna zip over to Scrap Needs now and take a peek.
Thanks for the inspiration!
Love Kel XXX


Layouts look amazing Jen!
How cute is Lolly with that award :)
Have a great week!

Jane Butler

Good golly Miss Jen - love your LO's and love the chocolate. I would love to do a class but Thursday are hard to organise .... is it possible for a different day???


Love the layouts Jen and the photos made me hungry may have to raid my fridge but I don't think I've anything that exciting in there.(LOL)


Just gorgeous Jen :) Gee I wished I lived over near you somewhere as a class would be FUN!! Poor Alli and I over here in the west!! And yes a big YAY for Alli and the Autism fundraiser!

Charmane Koch

All I can say is HOLEY MOLEY Jen ~ You never stop BLOWING me away with your gorgeous fantastic unreal brilliant layouts!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE EM!!!! WOW You are just so amazing! Can't wait to get my scrap pack! Have you sent them already? CAN'T WAIT ~ and definitely have to check out Spotlight too! Need some cheapy bargains! :)


LOVE THE LAYOUTS !!!!!!!!!!!


I told you I sat there stroking that layout you sent me, it was so gorgeous... and I was so bummed to miss out on your last scrap pack.. sniff sniff.. I just started in on the boy one yesterday and had great fun ripping up material, and yes Jen Lissy and I want private classes LOL love ya thanks so much for doing that layout I draw the raffle next wednesday so i will let you know the outcome.

and I must say cloud nine have come a long way, I might have to drop by and see what they have on this side of the world

Elodie "iggydodie"

Your work is so fantastic !!! Il love it !

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