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June 12, 2010


Jo Kinder

What a classic Jen! I'm debating if I should show my miss 3yo (will be 4 in a couple of weeks), for certain she will want one too.
You are SO resourceful!!


luv it!! thanks. i think i will b needing one of these for you know who???

Jodi Dolbel

Oh My Goodness Jen!! Thanks for that. So easy!!
I think i will make one for my 16 year old daughter and her friend!! In red and black, with lace!!! I think this is the type of thing they will wear out to parties im sure of it....
Heading off to the material shop right now! !But you can bet they wont have tulle for $1.50 be more like $6!!!


Very very cute!

Kerry Murray

Fantastic Jen im sure she had a lot of pleasure from this too.Take care Kerry xx


She looks amazing in her costume!!! Love the pom pom shoes and stripy leggings with it.
Thanks so much for sharing your cleverness with the rest of us.


I am a new reader of your blog that I happened on accidently looking for scrap layouts, and I love it!! I feel like I relate to so much of what you love! Thanks for this tutu idea- I made two for two little one year old girls (one mine) and they LOVED them. I got some sparkle and sequin ribbon from the ribbon/button section and although this added to the cost (all up $23 for everything for both skirts) they look FANTASTIC and even the ladies at spotlight wanted me to bring in photos so they could show other people your cool idea. You made me the awesome 'crafty mum' this week, thanks!!!

Being silly I put one on my head- they make a pretty funky head-dress for a hat party too... FUNKY FUNKY :D

Elizabeth Woods

Thank you sooo much for this tutorial Jen! I shall make Miss Georgia one for her birthday! What a shame it's not until December!

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