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December 16, 2006



Lucky you Jen!! I wish my boot was choccas with scrapping stuff!!
And I can't wait to try out your recipes...mmmmmmmmmm ;o)

Michelle Tondi

It was good night!! "Stealing Santa" was a HOOT!!have not had a good laugh like that for awhile.
Loved your "Chrissy Mars Slice"
And the little MISSES look so cute in there hats :)


I to wish I had a boot full of goodies. I'm sure you will have fun Jen. Love the tin.


loving those recipes... loving your tin.. and wish i had a car full of scrapping stuff for xmas..lol....


ps.have fun playing!!!

Sheree McGee

Love the look of the mars bar slice jen! Yummo. And the prizes...... yay!!!!!!!!!!! Have you made your way through them all yet??? You lucky bugger!!

Mel Diener

mmmmmmm, yum, thanks for sharing these recipes Jen. And HUGE congrats on the masters!!!


Beautiful photos of the children & that damper delight looks fantastic, I will certainly be making that over this joyous festive season, thats if I get a chance, with all those wonderful gifts I am making from your Gifts Galore Centre xx God Bless you & Yours

Alison Shearer

You lucky duck - all those goodies look so wonderful. I'm sorry I couldn't come on Friday night - the tin you made for Leanne is fabulous.



that Mars slice looks delish! as does your Chrissy tin.

Congrats again on the prizes ... you nearly needed a trailer!

sue Mahaffie

Thanks for the recipes- I'll have fun making these!!! Have a lovely CHRISTmas!!!

Kathy Pitt

Love the mars bar slice recipe, clever making it into a Christmas one!

That dip you make, we call it Cob Loaf Dip, and I have few other variations of it like an Italian one, a cold version ...... they are soo scrummy. I took cook mine the cheats way and use the microwave, as it is just way to long to wait for the oven lol


I love the photos......and the recipes look very intersting...LOL


I'll try this recipe but I'm not sure to know hat is copha !!! Never heard it here in France ?!?!
What about your "Jen's Gifts Galore" ? Don't forget me to join the club !!!


I've just received a very nice comment from Sheridan, maybe you don't know she's Jen's mummy... I don't know where I should contact her to thank for explications about copha... Thank you very much Sheridan, it's not the first time you come visit my blog and let very kind words... Jen you have a very nice mum... Should we have a little layout about Her ?... It should be so cute...


ooooh, thanks for the damper dip recipe, yummo! Gorgeous photos too :)


Congrats Jen on your win but what I really wanted to say was a BIG thank you for that wonderful recipe of the Christmas Mars Bars slice. It was such a huge hit on Christmas Day that my lot were fighting over the last pieces. I have had to make photo copies to send the recipe home with family who were visiting. Thanks so much for sharing.

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