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June 21, 2008



more absolutely gorgeous pages Jen,

might even have to copy that top layout- love it!

Now off to play with poppets ( for the first time, but you make it look so easy!!)

Rachel Schryver

Hey Jen,
Soooooooooooooo glad your back and I hope all is now well at your place.
Just wanted to tell you that I just ADORE those poppet pages!
Rachy. xxx

Anna Pontikis

Good to have you back Jen, I was wondering if all was okay. I don't know you personally but it was a while since you blogged and I thought maybe something was wrong. I guess we all have those times when life gets overwhelming and everything happens at once. Gorgeous pages and I think I will certainly try the scraps pages as my scrap papers box is overflowing.... Have a great day. Anna


I so do love your work. I gonna have to try and make a layout with those poppets. And as for your journal, I am really in AW here.


Have missed you!!

Glad you are back!


Jenifer Higgins

Love the layout about what the girlies want to be when they grow up! My four-year-old wants to be a mermaid too. How funny!

lynda p

Well it sounds like u have everything under control now! sorry to hear about sick kiddos....
it was great seeing it didn't stop u from creating! i loved your pages..and journal
i'm wondering if u could give some names of sb stores that u frequent. my friend is heading over to sydney in july for world youth day..and she'll have some free time here and there. also..the place where u picked up your "journal" is that local to u?
if u can give me any tips of what she should see that's off the "tourist" route that would be great....
hope to hear from u..
lynda in calif, usa

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