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September 14, 2009



and here I was thinking the surprise was of the 2 legged variety. LOL.
she is gorgeous don't show my girls otherwise they will want one too.

Sheridan Argent

Good morning my girls,
Pa says Bella looks like a little Panda .... soooo very adorable ... just like all of you. Luv Nanny.

Kim Archer

Oh Jen..check out Bella. She is lapping up the royal treatment. We are thrilled she has gone to such a loving and wonderful family. Thank you! And thank you to your thoughtful Milly for Roxy and Mojo's treats - they loved them! It will be lovely to keep up to date with Bella's progress through your blog etc:)
Ps thanks for the lovely card too:)

Liz Smith

Jen, she is gorgeous... couldn't wait to see you blog update as Jessie has not stopped asking when she can see pics of the puppy. Thanks again for fitting my nieces photo shoot in on such a busy weekend... it was the perfect 'baby shower' gift and something I know she will treasure always... see you soon. Love, Lizzie x


Bella is beautiful! Congrats on the new addition to your family!


benvenuta alla piccola!!!E' bellissima!!!!anche lei!!!
saluti dall'ITALIA ciao ciao Betty


Aw she is beautiful, we have a shih tzu he is 18mths old now and he is the perfect dog for a family with children, such a beautiful temperament. We named him Wicket after the Ewok in star wars as he has exactly the same colours :)
Enjoy your beautiful new addition to the family xxx

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